What if you cant walk?

Benny!!!, Benny!!!” yelled Mrs. Campbell, “come on inside it’s about to rain”. “Ok mom” Benny yelled back as he quickly wheeled himself inside. Benny was the only son of Reverend Donald and Mrs. Patricia Campbell, they had him after twenty three long years of waiting. Donald was the reverend of the local community chapel, while Patricia was a health worker. Around the time when Patricia was pregnant with Benny, She had been volunteering in a health sensitization program for a new epidemic wave, which had just hit the community. Her group visited people who already had the disease, and provided aid and medicine to them. In the process of care and support, Patricia got contaminated too. That didn’t seem to present a issue, since there was already a cure for the disease. But there was an issue because, when Patricia went to see Doctor Bernstein, the local hospital’s doctor, his exact words were “Patricia dear, you’re going to have to make a very important decision. You’re just 2 months in, and this being a very delicate period of your pregnancy, using that drug would save your life, but would also kill your child.” At this point Patricia burst into tears, a prayer of over 20 years was coming to null. She wished she hadn’t volunteered for the sensitization program. As she stormed out of his office she heard him say “Since God has done it before, He can surely do it again.” When she got home, She told the Reverend, and they prayed and cried through the night. The next morning she took the drug. Five months later, Benny was born. The Reverend had to spend all his life savings, so the premature baby wouldn’t die. Benny was a miracle baby, but his deformed legs sort to disapprove that. He was confined to a wheelchair at age four. But this didn’t dampen his spirit at all, because at age eight, he became the post boy of Fair Haven: the community where he lived. Every morning residents would stand at their doors or snoop through their windows, just to get a view of a little boy in a wheelchair delivering the mail.


“Life is really tough for people with disabilities, mom.” Benny told Patricia, when he returned from school on a really hot Tuesday afternoon. “You don’t get exempted from the bully train. Trust me Ma! It’s even worse” he continued with tears in his eyes, while trying to relate what had happened earlier that day in school. A group of kid’s known as the Ax squad had lately been terrorizing the little kids in school. The little boys had a special; slogan for them ‘A burger for a peepee.’ They literally had to pay their way to the toilet. Benny had revolted the tyrannical rule that afternoon with two of his best friends, Tobin and Levi. The end result was Benny stuck in the toilet with a wedgie, while his wheelchair was giving cheerleaders free rides to class, and two little boys at large probably because they had peed their pants, or just because they had run home in the wrong direction. Furious Patricia took the case up with the headmaster the next day, and this resulted in a couple of ‘axes’ chopping wood at home for the next two weeks. When they resumed back in school, they resorted to calling Benny names, because they couldn’t touch him. This hurt Benny even more.

Dime!!! Dime!!!, the church bell rang. Benny hurried to church, he was a little late and didn’t want to miss Sunday school. “We will be studying from the book of John chapter 9 verses 1 to the end.” Mr. Bart told his Sunday school class. The story was about how Jesus healed a man who was born blind. “That’s amazing” Benny thought to himself. When he got home, he asked the Reverend “Dad do you think Jesus can heal one who was born lame too?” The Reverend smiled and said ‘Ben I believe Jesus can heal anyone of any infirmity, all you need to do is pray and believe.” Benny got really excited, he shouted to his mom, “Mom, I believe I’m going to walk today. You know why? Because Jesus says he can heal me.” His mom replied him with a smile, but cautioned him with a statement “Benny, sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers, because if He does it may do us more bad than good.” ” Mom there’s only good in walking this wheelchair is plain evil.” Benny shouted as he quickly wheeled himself to his room to pray. He prayed himself to sleep. When he woke up he tried to walk but he couldn’t. Not the least discouraged, he decided to change his prayer tactic, but still to no avail. He continued constantly for three months, but it seemed like heaven’s mobile network was just not available. After a year, Benny gave up and became greatly depressed. He concluded that God didn’t love him and that God had destined him to be a failure. All attempts from family and friends to help his mental state failed. Benny was 10 years old when this happened.

Two years later, Benny was denied from going on a hiking trip halfway around the world, with his childhood friends, Tobin and Levi. “Hiking is for people with legs.” He’s friends tried explaining to him, although he kept on insisting that he could manage. He finally agreed, and with tears in their eyes, they hugged and kissed him goodbye. “later buddy.” The two cute preteen boys yelled as the car drove off. Benny went back inside, cried his eyes out and refused eating for the whole day. The next evening, they got a call from Tobin and Levi’s parents, that the hiking guide and their children were missing. The local authorities had sent search parties to look for them, but they weren’t found. Locals on the mountainside, said the hiking guide, who was the boy’s geology teacher, had led the children up a dangerous terrain and the party had probably fallen to their death on the wrong side of the mountain. The Reverend was asked to pray for the safety of the boys. The two little boys never did come back. This incident changed Benny, because he was entirely sure that if he had legs, he would have gone on the hiking trip and also be lost forever. After a week of burial rites and three months of tears, Benny put up a new attitude to life. He reconciled with God and rededicated his life to Him.

On a hot Sunday afternoon, approximately a year after the incidence, the Reverend and Mrs. had gone visiting and so Benny was home alone. He decided to go out and play football. He as team one, and the wire gauze fence as team two. He had barely started playing, when a little boy of about five years yelled “You need a partner?” “Yea sure!!” Benny yelled back. The little boy ran over and “Blue 42!! Blue 42!!! Hut!!!” The boy was fun to play with, if only he would stop asking questions. “Benny, why is the sky blue?” “Benny, why are the grasses green?” “Benny this, Benny that.” Benny got tired and shut him up with a simple statement ” They are all that way because God made them so!!!!” “Okay!! Okay!!!” the little boy yelled back. The game continued for a while, but the little boy was itching to ask another question, but was scared that Benny would yell at him again. ” Alright, You can ask your question. I won’t yell at you anymore.” Benny told the little boy. The little boy’s face lit up and then he asked. “Benny why can’t you walk?” tears welled up in Benny’s eyes, but he still tried to reply the little boy with a smile “Because God loves me so much, and he knows I’ll be better off this way.” “But have you tried walking before?” the little boy asked again. “yes a lot of times.” Benny replied. “Sorry.” The little boy said with a dim smile. The game continued, this time with a disoriented Benny. ” What would you do if you were able to walk?” the little boy asked once more. “Well, I’ll like to join the athletic team, maybe become a gym trainer or a little league coach.” Benny replied with a sickened look. “What if I held your hands and helped you up, would you try standing up? You know, so I can be sure you’ve tried before.” The little boy told Benny. “Well if you hold my hands tightly enough and promise to shut up after this, then I’ll definitely try. “I promise.” The boy replied. The little boy gently squeezed Benny’s hand and Benny tried to stand. “You see I tried ” Benny told the little boy. “But you’re standing.” The little boy said. “I’m standing?!! Oh my God I’m standing!!!!!!” Benny yelled. He couldn’t believe it, he could stand. He tried walking, and he walked. He tried running, and he ran. Then he tried flying, but then remembered that it was humanly impossible to do so. He pinched himself a couple of times just so he could wake up from whatever dream he was having. Then he looked at the little boy and suddenly realized that he had never seen him in their very small and sparsely populated neighborhood. “Who are you?” Benny asked the little boy. “I’m the man you learnt about in Sunday school a couple years back.” Benny hugged him tight, as he changed from a little boy to a man. Jesus then asked ” Benny what are you going to do, now that you can walk?” Benny paused and thought for a minute or two, then replied. “Lord if I walk, I’ll pursue earthly gains, which only brings temporary happiness, but if I don’t, I’ll pursue heavenly gains, which brings eternal joy. If I walk, I may end up in hell but if I don’t, I’m more likely to make it to heaven.” Jesus smiled and said “Before you were born I knew you and ordained you for greatness, but that greatness, would only be manifested, if I confined your excesses. The excesses, that walking would have given you.”


Ten years later, Benny ministered healing to a large congregation of about a million or more people, in a country over 40000 kilometers from home. If he had been a little league coach, he would had never had this opportunity. After the ministration, two young adults about the same age with Benny walked up to him, to testify of how they had been healed of amnesia and spinal injury during the ministration. They explained that they remember falling of a mountain when they were much younger. When they fell they became paralyzed and had amnesia due to the shock. Their guardian had died in the fall and some villagers took them in, but couldn’t trace their family. They had been living in that village ever since. The village chief had heard about the program, and brought them, hoping they would be healed. Benny suddenly realized it was Tobin and Levi. They recognized him too, and they all wept as they hugged each other. On the flight back home, Levi asked Benny “Why are you praying people out of wheelchairs, and you still remain on yours.” Benny smiled and replied “Cos if I wasn’t in one I wouldn’t be able to pray you out of yours.”

What if you cannot walk? What if you don’t get that job? What if you don’t get that multimillion dollar contract? Most times when we pass through really difficult times, face a certain constraint or limitation or maybe have a disability, we feel God doesn’t care about us. That’s not true, because, most times, God uses such situations to groom us to become better people. Through our weaknesses God activates his strength in us. But sometimes we really are left alone, and this is due to sin. When we sin, we open a wide gap between ourselves and God. Then pain and suffering fills it up. But when you return to the master, Unspeakable Joy is inevitable

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