LISTEN and don’t get distracted

It was Friday night, Tega had received a call earlier from his buddy, inviting him for a bash at Sofa lounge. He took a quick shower, got into a jean and a blue colored tshirt. He wore a blue colored leather timberland to match his top. At 8pm he drove out of the house in his mom’s white Toyota Rav 4. He had persuaded her ealier to let him take the car out and had promised to be back by 9pm. She reluctantly agreed, but still gave him a warning about the car. “Tega I just had the brakes fixed, so please drive as carefully as possible and please don’t overspeed.” Tega nodded and promised her not to go above 80km/hr.

8:10pm, Tega had picked his friend and was headed towards Sofa lounge. His friend had brought a girl along. Tega was conscious of his mother’s warning, so he drove slowly, but his friend, afraid that they would be late for the party, urged him to drive faster.”come on bro. why you driving like a girl?” The girl in the car chuckled at the statement. Im no girl. Tega thought to himself as he stepped on the gas. As the car approached 110km/hr, Tega heard a little voice in his head say “what about the brakes.” he pushed it aside. Mama doesn’t know what she’s saying she’s only being too scared,  I can handle it. Barely had the thought left his mind when he saw the light from the semi.

Witnesses at the scene described the accident as one which could have been avoided if the driver of the white SUV,  even applied his brakes a little. A young boy who sold car wipers and mp3 players said in vernacular “he no even press break at all. see as the car just somersault anyhow anyhow.” The three teenagers had been rushed to the hospital.  At 8:45 pm, Tega’s mom was called by the police that her son had been in an accident and was being prepped for surgery.


“If only I had listened to that little voice in my head.”Tega told the nurses, with tears in his eyes as they wheeled him into surgery.

Every human being on earth is guilty of not listening at one point or the other in their life and most times, it leads to regrettable happenings. At the end we wish, we could make amends, but it turns out to be too late. Not listening has lead to broken relationships,  broken homes, deaths, wars and so on and so forth.

A little moslem girl asked me a question today whilst she was reading from a text about varying religions. “Uncle, why is it that we worship the same God, yet we have different modes of worship?” I had to choose my words carefully. As I pondered on what to say it came to me and I answered her this way. ” it’s because we don’t listen. If we were calm enough to hear God speak to us and ready to act on what he commands without being distracted,  then we will worship him the correct way.”

I was studying the Bible, sometimes ago and it got me wondering about the Israelites. They had left the ways of God and followed after other gods, for this God punished them severely. Their punishment was so great that it broke the nation down completely, they were even exiled to another nation. At the end of the punishment, it was clear to every Israelite that worshipping any other god, was simply asking for a death sentence. This was why when Jesus came, the Jews had become religious fanatics, they didn’t even want to hear any preaching that contradicted their laws. So I asked God why they should be faulted, since they were only trying to be obedient. The answer God gave me was simple and direct. “Because they don’t listen.” That had been their problem from the beginning, like the scripture says “my people have become hard of hearing. “(Matthew 13 verse 15).  If only they had been listening, they would have known that a new message had come and would have received it with joy like Simon and the Prophetess Anna.

Not listening is a problem we inherited from our first parents (Adam and Eve). Not listening is the reason we fall into sin, because whenever we are being tempted, there’s that tiny voice that tells and urges us to do the right thing. I was speaking with my friends recently and we almost came to agree with the popular saying that ‘life was gamble’, until we were corrected by the Holy Spirit that, for those who walk with God and listen to his every command, life can never be a gamble. Abraham never had to gamble, David never had to gamble, because they were men who listened. Even in the Army listening is very important. An order not related well, could lead to complete chaos.

Are u a listener? If no, please try to start listening, it could do a lot of good.

Take a 7 day challenge and ask God. “What would you have me do? take time out to hear from Him and He will surely speak back. As long as you’re LISTENING AND NOT GETTING DISTRACTED.

My friend Awah Shalvah posted in her blog, the importance of listening. You can check it out here

Thank You.


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  1. Nice one bro… Got d point. Indeed its good to listen.. Just as I like saying Follow ur heart and trust ur instincts.. Good to have a listening ear.. Thumps up bro

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